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Declaring Chapter 7 Bankruptcy in NE Florida

Sometimes when an individual is overwhelmed by debt, the best available option is to declare bankruptcy. Gail E. Andrews is experienced in helping clients figure out whether Chapter 7 bankruptcy is right for them.

Chapter 7 bankruptcy is also known as liquidation under the bankruptcy code. This is because with a Chapter 7 bankruptcy a trustee gathers and sells off a client’s excess assets in order to pay off their creditors.

There are other forms of bankruptcy, such as Chapter 13, that do not necessarily involve liquidation, but we only handle Chapter 7 filings.

Before declaring Chapter 7 bankruptcy it is critically important to discuss the financial implications with a lawyer who is experienced in your state. That is the only way to know which of your assets are at risk.

Florida has its own rules about what property is and is not exempt from liquidation. Your bankruptcy lawyer can help demystify the bankruptcy process so that you understand what is at stake.

When Your Small Business Fails

If your small business is failing, it is possible that you could end up responsible for its debt. 

Although Chapter 7 bankruptcy is often seen as just an option for individuals, some partnerships and other businesses are also eligible to declare bankruptcy under this section of the bankruptcy code. 

A liquidation bankruptcy is not the best option for everyone, but filing for Chapter 7 will stop most collection efforts in their tracks.

Chapter 7 bankruptcy can, at least temporarily, end creditors’ attempts to file lawsuits and grab money directly from your paycheck. It will also stop creditors from calling to demand payment.

Should You Declare Bankruptcy

It can be frightening when creditors come knocking at your door and you are not certain how to pay them. Declaring bankruptcy may be a way to get creditors to stop calling you while you and your bankruptcy trustee get a handle on your debt.  There are income requirements and other eligibility rules that may or may not apply. How can you find out if Chapter 7 is even an option in your situation?

Contact us.  We invite you to call and schedule a one hour no-cost consultation.

Discuss your options & determine if Chapter 7 bankruptcy is right for you.

Call Gail E. Andrews at 1 904 471-0553 for your free consultation. 

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