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Estate Planning in NE Florida

Last Wills: First Steps

Wills are an important component of modern life. It does not matter how much money you have. If you care who your assets are assigned to when you die, then you need to have a will.

Wills can serve an extra purpose for people with children. A will allows you to control who takes care of them in the event of your death.

Using a lawyer to write your will can  help you make certain that all the important issues are addressed.

Without a will, the distribution of your assets after your death will be beyond your control. Although it can be uncomfortable thinking about the end of your life, it is much better to be prepared. If you live in northeast Florida and need help planning for your family’s future, contact us .

Trusts: For Your Family’s Future

Trusts can be a useful way to arrange for the management and distribution of your property both during your life and after your death. Trusts have many possible uses:

  • Keep assets out of probate
  • Take care of a child or pet
  • Pay for medical care
  • Fund charitable giving
  • Manage a business

When you form a trust, you take control of the future — instead of leaving your estate solely in the control of your inheritors, your trustee must follow your instructions. A trust can keep your assets devoted to your goals .

You have several options when forming a trust, and nothing has to be locked in stone.  For example, if you choose a revocable trust instead of an irrevocable trust, when your plans change your trust can change too.  Which kind of trust might best suit your needs?  Talking to Gail Andrews, a local St. Augustine lawyer, can help you find out.

Protect Yourself: Living Wills

A living will is an insurance policy against losing control of your life to something other than death. 

If you have strong opinions about whether or not you would want to undergo life-prolonging procedures in the event of a terminal illness or horrible injury, then you should consider writing a living will.

Living wills may be the only way to make certain that your views and beliefs are respected at a time when you can not stand up for them yourself.

Plan for the future, and you will be ready to face it head on. If you live in St. Augustine, Jacksonville, Daytona, or one of the surrounding areas of northeast Florida, call Gail E. Andrews Attorney at Law at 1 904 471-0553 to discuss the needs of your estate. 

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